Is it easy? Heck no!


The social issues that your organization is working on are complex. They involve many dynamic and intersecting pieces. Which means that what we do has to be both tactical and thoughtful. And because our job is to work within the reality of your resources, goals and needs –we come up with tools and a clear plan that give you:


  • Confidence in your next steps
  • Clarity with your Board and other stakeholders
  • Stronger and more connected teams
  • Enhanced skills and competencies
  • Actionable plans and strategies

Garrow & Evoy works with funders, nonprofit institutions and public agencies to help them gain strategic clarity, understand their impact, and set priorities. We provide consulting, research and facilitation services to help our clients make real progress on problems that matter. We are part of a team of Innoweave strategy coaches and have a long-standing relationship with the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. We have substantial experience delivering modules in strategic clarity, scaling impact, adaptive strategy and program monitoring and evaluation. We also provide coaching and group facilitation to actors in the community sector who are committed to reimagining philanthropy to meet the complexity of today’s most pressing social challenges.