Our whole business comes down to one fundamental goal: Building powerful organizations and leaders.

We’re Experts – And when you’ve finished working with us you’ll be experts too. Sure,

our team has gone to Harvard and has a PhD, but we’ve also dug toilets in India and run neighbourhood art fairs. We’re real people with a huge depth of experience working with a range of organizations, from non-profits and social justice groups to government agencies and private foundations.


We Have Fun – Fun is not a word that people usually associate with strategic clarity. The process can be messy. But we do our best to make it enjoyable, because we know that these changes are powerful. And that there’s nothing more fulfilling than exceeding your own expectations about the good you can do in the world.


We’re Perfectionists – We go the extra mile, focusing on results, quality and rigour. We “walk the talk”, and have high expectations for you and also of ourselves. When we are finished working with you, your life will be better. Promise.


We Empower Our Clients – We help leaders feel empowered about their expertise, their results and their ability to affect social change on a great scale.


We help you hold yourself accountable – By gaining clarity and naming the impact that your organization is having, you come across as credible with everyone from the press to your Board.


We play a bridging role – We are bilingual and work in Québec, Canada and internationally. We facilitate and help build relationships between leaders, communities and regions to ensure they are stronger and more effective in meeting their goals.